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1989 16 x 68 Sumerset
Laid Back

Laid Back is a nicely updated and well maintained houseboat. A wonderful vessel to enjoy the comforts of home while having summer fun.
1999 84' Sharpe 18' x 84' Houseboat
Time Well Wasted

Time Well Wasted is a beautiful boat that has been totally updated with new appliances, countertops, wood floors, window treatment and much more. This vessel is designed with efficiency away from the dock in mind.
2000 19' x 86' Fantasy
Reelin -N- Chillin

Reelin -N- Chillin is a remarkable Fantasy houseboat. This boat was custom built as a show boat and no expense was spared to make her an over the top floating palace.
2001 73' Sunstar 16' x 73' Houseboat (Sold!!!)
Lost Weekends

Lost Weekend is an excellent houseboat that has been maintained and includes many great features.
2003 20' x 102' Fantasy
The Michelangelo

The Michelangelo is a top notch boat that is ready for boating adventures. Get ready to have your houseboat fantasy come true.
2003 73' Sunstar 16' x 73' Houseboat
Keeping it Reel

Check out this 16'x 70' Sunstar, Keeping It Reel. Beautiful boat just ready for summer fun.
2005 90' Lakeview 20' x 90' Houseboat (Sold!!!)
19th Hole

Step aboard 19th Hole and get ready to go boating. Board the spacious front deck and begin to see all this boat has to offer.
2006 18 x 90 Sunstar
Graves Digger

Step into luxury when you board this 2006 Sunstar 18 x 90 Houseboat!
2006 21'x115' Fantasy
Oversize Load

Price Reduced!!! Oversize Load is truly over the top. This houseboat is one of a kind and a must see. The words above the sliding glass door says it all: “Let the Fantasy begin”.
2007 75' Sunstar 17' x 75' Houseboat
Captain Hook

The Captain Hook is a remarkable 17' x 75' Sunstar Houseboat that is turn-key and ready to go boating. Check out all the great features.
82' Sumerset 18' x 82' (Sold)
Nauta Problem

Nauta Problem is an immaculate 18’ x 82’ Sumerset houseboat that is turn-key and ready for water fun. It is just waiting on the right person to make it home away from home.
84' Sunstar 18' x 84' Houseboat (Sold!!!)
Sweet Treat

Major Price Reduction! Sweet Treat is just that, a sweet treat of all the available houseboats. With loads of options, this boat was designed to be comfortable wherever you are. Whether you are out in a cove or at the dock, you will be sitting in style.
87' Sunstar 17' x 87' Houseboat
Corporate Office

Corporate Office is a well thought out and beautifully decorated houseboat. With loads of options, this boat was designed to be as comfortable away from the dock as she is at port.



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